More than 1,200 sows with Danish genetics are kept in stable gestation groups at our piggery. No animals are supplied to our farm. Instead, we only import sperm. We breed our own boars and breeding sows, a method that yields very good technical results in our piggery and finishing unit.

Air from the barns passes through an Inno+ biological air washer, with reduced ammonia emissions as a result. The groups of sows and the farrowing barn are provided with a floor cooling system with heat exchanger. Resulting heat is used to warm the farrowing pens. The entire housing system has been granted a green energy-efficiency label. We also endeavour to be as energy-neutral as possible through the use of solar panels.

Our A.I. boars are the pride of our farm.

Selecting the boars to provide the necessary sperm also demands a large amount of expertise.

Our piglets are circo and myco vaccinated. They are PRRS and APP negative and are bred for export to especially the German and Croatian markets.