Jules Derks has by now become a household name in the farrowing industry. We prefer long-term partnerships with pig farmers and pig finishers. Most of our pig farming partners are based in the Netherlands, but we also trade piglets from as far afield as Germany. Finishers to which we supply piglets are especially based in Germany, while we also have market options in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Moldovia.

Piglet and swine business

Piglets that are not required to travel for longer than 8 hours are usually transported by our regular driver with his own carrier. Piglets that require longer transport periods to further destinations are loaded by us, but are transported by a carrier company. Trade involving markets in central and eastern European countries is handled by Depi International BV.


We like to purchase piglets from Pietrain breeders and we prefer sow farmers with at least 600 sows. The most important criterion is that the piglets are in perfect health. If this is the case, we gladly find long-term trade partners for you so that the piglets leave your farm at the best possible price during both poor and favourable economic climates.


We always find the best market for your slaughter sows. We can load them at your farm on a weekly basis, but it is often better to accumulate them first. Handing them over at set intervals is an effective method. We can, of course, only load transport-worthy animals.

Slaughter piglets:

We collect slaughter piglets for market from pig farmers on a weekly basis. We consider this a service.

Slaughter pigs:

We deliver slaughter pigs to domestic abattoirs or live-export them. We find the best destinations for all pig varieties so that they generate optimum value.